Established in 1980, Marsun Public Company Limited is strategically located near Bangkok at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River in Samut Prakan, approximately 30 kilometers away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, to provide international customer convenience.

Marsun has delivered over 422 various types of vessels. These include Fast Patrol Craft, Fast Attack Missile Craft, Crew and Supply Vessels, Ferries, Motor Yachts, Oil Spill Recovery Vessels, Multi-Purpose Craft, etc. In addition to these, Marsun has also provided consultation on design, construction and repair to meet wide-ranging requirements for both domestic and international customers.

Periodically, Marsun has earned a reputation as a quality shipbuilder. The company has had the perfect on-time delivery record, which we aim to maintain. Our delivered vessels must have achieved all performance requirements evaluation in both pre-delivery test and trial period to assure customer’s satisfaction.

Since 2000, the company has energetically expanded our services to supply the needs of the international marine market. This has been rewarded by winning a number of trusts in international project tenders.

With our strong commitment to quality of product and services, Marsun has been received certificates as follows:

The ISO 9001:2015 certification for the provision of ships & boat design, assembly and reparation by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. The ISO 14001:2015 certification for the environmental management system in the construction’s site by JAS-ANZ and NAC, The ISO 45001:2018 certification for occupational health and safety by SGS Thailand.

Continuously, we have committed to develop the workforce’s knowledge and skills in order to improve our shipbuilding ability and to be recognized as a significant player in the front row of the global shipbuilding industry.

Production / Facilities

The assembly workshop, including the building area, covers an area up to 6,100 sq.m. while the additional building on the berth is covering 7,500 sq.m. of the shipyard. This is equipped with 2 nos of 200 tonnes gantry crane and 17 x 80 metres deep basin. It is capable of outfitting and launching vessels up to 3,000 tonnes.

Production / Facilities


June 10th, 1980

Registered capital

411 million THB


Eastern bank of Chao Phraya River, approximately 2 km. upstream of the river mouth

Total shipyard area

51,000 sq.m.

Gantry crane

2 x 200 tonnes

Waterfront line

250 meters

Covered fabrication area

6,100 sq.m.

Open berth area

7,500 sq.m.

Permanent workforce


Vessel ranges

up to 3,000 tonnes displacement.


  • Complete ship design & drafting services
  • Ship construction
  • Ship reparation & refitting
  • Marine engineering
  • Electrical & distribution system
  • Hull assembly and auxiliary system

Ship Material

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (F.R.P.)
  • 200 tons overhead gantry crane, 22 m. in height and 27 m. span., 2 nos.
  • Covered fabrication with a welding shed, 5,000 sq.m.
  • 5 tons overhead crane, 9 m. in height and 21 m. in span., 5 nos.
  • 5 tons overhead crane 12 m. in height and 14 m. in span., 2 nos.
  • 3 tons overhead crane, 6 m. in height and 6 m. in span., 1 no.
  • 10 tons overhead crane, 16 m. in height and 100 m. in span., 2 nos.
  • sma and oxy-acetylene CNC cutting machine, 2 nos.
  • Portable plasma cutting machine, 5 nos.
  • Hydraulic cutting bench, 3.0 m. x 13 mm., 1 no.
  • MIG semi-automatic welding machine, 500 A, 60 nos.
  • TIG welding machine, 250 A, 20 nos.
  • Transformer welding machine, 500 A, 60 nos.
  • Lathe machine for long propeller shaft 13 m. in length, 1 nos.
  • Press brake, 3 m., x 13 mm., 1 no.

In-house Engineering

The key success factor of Marsun is investment in lastest technology and knowledge to increase the capabilities of engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance. We always encourage our staffs to study and research knowledge in ship designs by themselves as well as to maintain the highest efficiency within department as well as to ensure Marsun’s position to remain one step ahead of competitors.

Over 50 in-house engineers who have experience and specialized in different fields together with over 30 experienced draftman, allow Marsun to entirely provide services from shipbuilding to ship interior design, also the marine and commercial industries both on and offshore.

Quality Assurance

The Highest Quality and performances are the things Marsun attaches great importance to. Quality Management System is the core part of how we can build high-quality and reliable boats.

Over 25 in-house engineers who look after the Quality Inspection and Quality Assurance System of the company, during the shipbuilding process, start from receiving material, welding, installation of equipment, testing of machinery, and running performance of vessel down to the finish. This ensures customers that every vessel was in full control with a high standard as same as Classification Society standard.

Certified / Awards

Since Marsun Public Company Limited entered the shipbuilding industry, she has rapidly established a reputation by delivering only the high quality and reliable vessels. Our success has relied on the management team as an essential role. Therefore, in the present, Marsun Public Company Limited has been able to enjoy an excellent reputation in both the government and the commercial sectors.

In the Year 2000, Marsun was awarded her first major standard approval, the ISO 9002 Quality Management System certification. This followed with another Quality Management System Certification in November 2003, the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate of “Provision of ship & boat building and repairing of length up to 100 m”, certified by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. However, Marsun shipyards has recently proudly received another certification, the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System to certified our shipyard environmental management system standard. Moreover, the yard has added our pride with the ISO 45001:2018 certification for occupational health and safety standards.

National Innovation Award 2009
Marsun has determined and proudly presented the Fast Assault Boat, which has been designed and built by Thai people. As a result, we successfully won the National Innovation Award 2009. Also, we have created stability and sustainability as a part of the country’s industrial development to step up towards the global shipbuilding industry.

National Innovation Award 2018
One of the prides of our company was the creation of a 58 meters, patrol gun boat for The Royal Thai Navy. This has increased the country’s self-reliance defensive capacity and leveled up a standard of economy through the local shipbuilding by Thai people. Our success was the capability of drafting and forming a large, high-performance vessel by ourselves.

The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2019 in the category of Potential Industry
Marsun was trusted by Government Agencies and Private Sectors, in supplying high-performance vessels to domestic and international clients, since the company has committed to continuously develop both innovation and technology in ship design and construction, deliver quality vessels and lead the recognition of shipbuilding industry of Thailand in the international arena.

The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2020 in the category of Management
This award reflected that Marsun has been a high-quality shipyard with the potential in management which met the standards of the Ministry of Industry.

Outstanding Achievements

List of Customers Type of Vessels Quantity
Uming Marine Offshore Trimaran Crew Transfer Vessel
Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Organisation Fire Fighting and Rescue
Marine Department Patrol Boat
Motor Launch
Oil Spill Recovery Vessel
Boom Deploying Boat
Royal Thai Police Patrol Boat
Speed Boat
Dinghy Boat
Catamaran Patrol Boat
Department of Fisheries Patrol Boat
Weed Cutter
Dinghy Boat
Royal Forest Department Patrol Boat
Speed Boat
Dinghy Boat
Service Boat
Customs Department Patrol Boat
Dinghy Boat
Royal Thai Army Landing Craft
Royal Thai Navy Patrol Craft Fast
Patrol Gun Boat
Fast Patrol Boat
Fast Assault Boat
Coastal Patrol Craft
Riverine Patrol Boat
Landing Craft
Coral Reef Protection Boat
Oil Tanker
Passenger Boat / Training Boat
Survey Boat
Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Port Authority of Thailand Reception Boat
Line Handling Boat
Tug Boat
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Patrol Boat
Private Section (Domestic) Service Boat
Private Section (lnternational) Yacht
Passenger Boat
Sailing Schooner Vessel
Patrol Boat
PTT Public Company Limited Pleasure Boat
Utility Work Boat
Patrol Boat
Royal lrrigation Department Speed Boat
Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Motor Launch
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pilot Boat
Fast Assault Boat
Fast Attack Missile Craft
Gabonese Republic Landing Craft
Uniwise Offshore Limited Crew and Utility Boat
Top Maritime Service Crew and Utility Boat
Total   330