Ship Building

Marsun Public Company Limited, a major leading shipbuilder and ship repairer in Thailand. We have experiences in shipbuilding for government agencies, Royal Thai Navy, Foreign Navy, and many other private clients. We have over 42 years of experiences and outstanding achievements in shipbuilding from 100% of Thai engineers’ design skills and Thai craftsman. Marsun specializes in Aluminium and Steel vessel of hull and superstructure.

To the present, Marsun delivered over 322 various types of vessels, Fast Patrol Craft, Fast Attack Missile Craft, Crew and Supply Vessels, Ferries, Motor Yachts, Oil Spill Recovery Vessels, Multi-Purpose Craft, etc.

Our strong commitment and experiences to provide quality workmanship at a reliable price have significantly improved our success to provide Tailor Made and Customize Design listening to the customer requirements.

Naval and Patrol Vessels

Throughout the 42 years of history, Marsun was trusted by Government Agencies and Private Sectors both domestic and international, with the aim to serve various type of maritime patrol requirements. Marsun serves custom-built vessels from 30 to 200 feet long, most of them are the company’s Well Proven Design that has been recognized for good performance in term of maximum speed, useable area, and naval operational support. Fast Assault Boat, Patrol Boat, Patrol Gun Boat, Fast Attack Missile Craft, Multi-purpose Craft have been designed, built and delivered to government agencies in Thailand, Asia, and Central Africa.

Marsun aims to increase efficiency in quality assurance with a continuous improvement policy and attach great importance to product and service down to the very construction details to ensure clients that all patrol and naval vessels built by Marsun are high-quality, exactly serve the marine mission, both on and offshore with international defense standards, as well as pass performance completeness test before delivery.

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Commercial Boat

Marsun has experienced in building commercial vessel in the Marine and Offshore industry. We provide wide-ranging of high-quality materials and services. Customers can customize hull configurations structural in steel or aluminium, design spec, utility space, as well as all equipment at considerable time and cost savings. Attentiveness in every design, enhanced comfort and safety for the passengers.

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For the precious boat like a Yacht, Marsun well offers consultation on design and construction to meet wide-ranging requirements. All our vessels can fully customize to meet the client’s specifications need in terms of facilities, accommodation, and all equipment and machinery etc. with reliable price and time-effectively. We emphasize the quality of the welding. All the welders are highly experienced with 100% qualified and certified by the classification society. Enhance your glamorous experiences on the journey.

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Ship Repair

Bring reliability and performance back to your vessel by our engineering-based repair services which would solve the root of the problem. With our 50 in-house engineers and over 30 draftsmen, we use engineering know-how as the core to organize the reparation process. Our systematic method can find, analyze and solve the causes of the trouble directly to the root.

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