Naval and Patrol Vessels

Throughout the 42 years of history, Marsun was trusted by Government Agencies and Private Sectors both domestic and international, with the aim to serve various type of maritime patrol requirements.


M36 Patrol Boat

The M36 Patrol Boats are Marsun’s well-proven design, and has been accepted for excellent performance. Marsun values client feedback and gathers all advice to continuously improve and develop her de...

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M10 High-Speed Patrol Boat (MKIII), is the newest design of the M10 which develop from model M10 (MKII). To provide crew comfort during operation, this design installs a solid shelter for protection from wind and outside heat. Marsun delivered 6 ladies of M10 (MKIII) to the Thai Marine Police to operate along the river and coastal area, insertion and extraction of Thai Marine Police and other special operation forces along, search and rescue operations, and a fast interception.